Thursday, June 15, 2017

Week in Photos: Mariner Game, Dance Recital, and Summer Baseball

I remember looking at our calendar for June when we got back from our vacation and thinking: WOW we have so many fun things coming up!  And also: OH GOD we have scheduled too many things.  (I can be so lazy).

A couple weekends back we went to Mason's birthday party at a trampoline park in Marysville.  Knowing that it would be ending in the mid afternoon and that we would have a long(ish) drive back home, I totally called that this would happen:

The next morning, we had SO much fun meeting up with Lisa and Evan and playing at Gas Works Park!  Ben truly feels like he is on a play date with these two (because he is) and it was great to catch up.  I took a bunch of videos of the boys all playing frisbee and baseball, but only a couple pictures:

And then again, this happened on the ride home :)

I also spent some time that weekend doing my annual "Marcia is coming so I need to turn the junk closet back into a spare bedroom" routine :)  This year I moved the bed, got rid of a too-big shelving unit taking up way too much space and organized the closet.  We are so ready now!

Ben officially graduates from Pre-K next Thursday and it will also be his last day at the preschool he has been at since February 2015!  He has grown and learned so much from his experiences there and it's a very bittersweet goodbye.  Here are a few pictures of his activities there lately:

Ben had his first baseball practice on Monday night!  He has been so into baseball and we were excited to sign him up to be able to play with other kids and learn some skills.

What we weren't expecting was the email we got an hour before practice starting saying that there still hadn't been a parent volunteer to be the coach of his team...!  

So Greg and I decided to jump in and do it.  The first practice was a bit of a shit show (4-6 year olds playing baseball for the first time...) but luckily there are a lot of great parents on the team who are happy to get on the field and help herd the cats.  It should be an interesting couple months :)

Ben got to stay up late and watch the Tony's with me :)

After the last Mariner Game we went to, we immediately put another one on the calendar.  We lost this one, but we still had a blast!

Dippin' Dots:

Meeting the Moose!

Ben had his first dance recital and it was the cutest thing EVER.  We were amazed at how talented all of the kids were, particularly the older kids, and I really hope he wants to continue with classes (when we can find time between all of his sports he wants to do)!

Dress Rehearsal:

The big night:

My mom has gotten into painting Bothell Rocks, and made a special one for Ben to hide at the school!  So cute!

Game night:

Meal Planning: June 17th - 21st

Review from last week:

The highlights:

Chicken Kale Caesar Salad:

Chicken Parm.  I made this on a week night, and it was a little more elaborate of a meal than I generally try to do after work.  And it was so good - worth the wait :)

Plan for next week:

We have a busy weekend coming up!  We also have Marcia coming to visit next week!  I figured I'd plan some meals we can make when we are home and feel like cooking over the next few days.  Then I look forward to taking a break from meal planning and enjoying some of our favorite Marcia Ingle meals in the upcoming weeks :)

On Saturday we are going to the Washington Brewer's Festival.  On Sunday, Greg is going golfing with a friend while my mom and I see Caberet at the Paramount!  On Monday night we have baseball practice, and on Tuesday morning Marcia arrives!

Here are a few meals I'll pick up ingredients for:

Turkey Taco Spaghetti Squash Boats

Lagered Turkey Chili

Grilled Chicken (or Steak) over Lentils

Friday, June 9, 2017

Meal Planning: June 10th - 16th

Review from last week:

Blue Apron was 3 for 3 this week.

Chicken, veggies and crispy rice: 


Steak, asparagus and potatoes:

And I failed to capture the beautiful shrimp tacos :)

Greg grilled up some fillets and asparagus last weekend, too.

Plan for next week:

Saturday: Ben's Hip Hop Dance Recital is tonight - right at dinner time :)  So dinner plans are TBD.

Sunday: We are taking Ben to the Mariner game - so dinner will be crockpot soup and grilled cheese when we get home (assuming we aren't stuffed from stadium snacks).

Monday: Beef Bulgogi

Tuesday: Chicken & Kale Caesar-Style Salad

Wednesday: Grilled Burgers and Salad

Thursday: Chicken Parmigiana

Friday: Parent's Night Out - the last one Ben will attend at his school!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Meal Planning: June 3rd - 9th

Review from last week:

I failed to take any pictures except the one below, but we basically stuck to the plan.  Our best meal of the week was these lettuce wrapped salmon rolls and grilled corn.

Plan for next week:

Saturday: Breakfast burritos

Sunday: Grilled burgers and corn with caramelized onions and salad

Monday: Tomato Soup and Salad

Friday: Ben has a dance recital rehearsal, so we will grab dinner out afterwards

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week in Photos: Fun in the Sun!

Springtime in the PNW can be really beautiful at times.  This sunset in particular was amazing:

The day after returning from Hawaii, Greg jumped right back into real life by pressure-washing our extremely long driveway (and destroyed some clothes in the process)!

My mom and I had to reschedule one of our shows because it landed on the Sunday we were in Hawaii - so we had a rare mid-week night out!

We had a delicious dinner at Sitka & Spruce beforehand:

Ben had a picnic lunch with Grandma on Grandma Wednesday :)

Ben's future elementary school had it's Kindergarten kick off night!  We spent an hour doing activities in each of the 4 classrooms and Ben had a great time meeting new friends :)  This kid is SO ready for a new adventure.

Memorial Day Weekend brought us three gorgeous, sunny days.  A lot of time was spent outside and it was great.


A new haircut to deal with the warm weather.


We spent a morning playing at the park with Kristin and Craig and then had a little picnic at Chateau St. Michelle:

On Sunday we went to a BBQ at Chris and Emily's house.  We hope to spend a lot more time with them this summer as Jaxon and Ben will be going to Kindergarten together in the Fall.  It was also great because many of my elementary/middle/high school friends (Chris, Matt, Artie, Jess, JT, Aaron) and their families were there.  Always kind of surreal to get together with them and the next generations of kids :)

Here are just a few of them having popsicles:  

We had a little BBQ at our house on Monday.  Here are Reid and Pepper!

And their moms!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Meal Planning: May 27 - June 2

Review from last week:

Greek salad with chicken:

Grilled salmon and asparagus:

Spiced cod and summer squash cakes.  So good, and I counted this one as a big win because I convinced Ben to at least try the squash cakes:

Meatballs in tomato sauce and creamy asparagus rice.  I'll definitely repeat this recipe:

Crispy chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans:


Plan for next week:

Saturday: Salmon Roll Sandwiches

Sunday: BBQ at the Brooks' house

Monday: BBQ at our house!  Grilled burgers, hot dogs, salmon and Antipasto Pasta Salad

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Spring Green Salad with Lemon Feta Dressing

Thursday: Tomato Soup and grilled cheese

Friday: Leftovers with a butter lettuce salad